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General, Pediatric, and Cosmetic Dentistry


  • Wonderful experience in the office for my first visit! They sat down with me prior to appointment to discuss my concerns/dental history and then the appointment was so at-ease. Hygienist talked me through everything she noticed about my teeth throughout the cleaning and nice perk of watching Netflix during cleaning. Really appreciated the fluoride treatment at the end of cleaning for added protection for my teeth. Overall, terrific people and can’t wait to return!   – Jessica Niemeyer  8/4/2017

    “Best Dentist Ever: I don’t usually go to the dentist. In fact, it’s been forever since I went. But beginning last year, I’ve had to get work done to my mouth that was crucial to my long term health. There’s no dentist’s office I would recommend more highly than this one! The staff is phenomenal, the hygienists are the best, and it’s a wonderful place to have dental work done! I highly recommend them!”   – Frank L. June 14 2017

    “Great and friendly service. Couldn’t ask for more.”   –  June 21 2017  Cristela N.

    “Thank you so much for getting me in and to the specialist to have my tooth fixed that day. I used to have to wait a few days before I could get in somewhere, but in this situation you really helped me to get the relief I needed and move on with life. I have already recommended you to someone else.”  –Corey V.  June 30 2017

    Always a great experience, Dr. Jones and his staff have thought of every possible way to make their patients comfortable. –Rachel W (April 12 2017)

    As always, the team was wonderful from start to finish. Always a pleasure! On the way there, my kids were talking about how excited they were. : ) (April 13 2017)

    I will never use another dentist. Aaron and his team exceed my expectations every visit! – Amber T.   (May 17 2017)

    The reception staff was very friendly and I was greeted with a smile. Excellent customer service. The hygienist did an excellent job and Dr. Jones is very easy to talk with and he explains the condition of your teeth in a way that is easy to understand and comprehend. – Tony A. (March 9 2017)
    Landry is great! Friendly, explains everything in details & answers all my questions. I’m terrified of the dentist office but Landry made me feel completely comfortable. Lupita worked out all financials and was extremely helpful. – Lacey B.  (March 9 2017) 
    Jessica was precious. Everyone was so lovely!!!! Best experience ever! – Kristy S.  (March 9 2017)
    This is the dental practice I have been seeking for years. Conservative, no pressure to undertake unwanted cosmetic treatments. Extremely efficient and friendly–I love the Starbucks and lunch orders available..but that has NOTHING to do with my continuing as a patient. That said. since I usually squeeze an appointment into busy work days, thI have found the dental practice I have been looking for is cool service is very much appreciated! Don’t change ANYTHING! – Norman Y. (Feb 23 2017)
    Spectacular customer service. I absolutely love everyone at Highland Park Dental! Thank you for the wonderful attention you give to all your patients. –Michelle H.  (March 17 2017)
    Friendly professional dental services –John W. (March 23 2017)
    “Jennifer is always professional, experienced and understanding. The entire staff is outstanding. The office goes out of their way to be sure they have covered all points.” — Susan B. 

    “[The doctor] was GREAT with my toddler! She was able to accomplish what needed to be done but was so understanding, patient and kind in the process. I appreciated the information she gave me as a parent about my child’s teeth, as well.”— Genevieve P 

    “The hygienist who cleaned my teeth was amazingly thorough. No one has ever spent that much time on me. Also, there were no lectures or blaming. I am VERY picky about a dentist! The office is the nicest and most comfortable office I have ever been to. Top of the line all the way! Thanks for the pleasant experience HPD staff.” — Jasmine S.

    “Thanks for your help!…You turned a difficult situation for an out-of-towner into a pleasant experience. It’s much appreciated.” — D Wilson

    “Everyone is extremely nice and actually makes a visit to a dentist a pleasant experience.” — Patient 

    “AMAZING!!! They make you feel like they really care about your well being … I would never go anywhere else :)” — Patient

    “Great staff, they got me in quickly to fix a problem that arose over the weekend. Always nice in the office and very accommodating. Dr Jones is super nice as are all of the office staff and hygienists.” — Patient

    “First time at your office today. Terrific experience start to finish!So much so, I sent the below to all my employees. I’ll give you details when I see you, but I referred you to half dozen new patients today as a bi-product of this email.” — Jarrett K

    HP Dental Special One Free Child Exam with One Adult Exam

    “Always such a wonderful experience. All of the staff is so friendly and helpful. My daughter loves coming there!” — Tara D

    “Hope your Friday is going well. Just wanted to take the time to thank you for taking Christopher as a patient. I finally found someone he is comfortable with. You have one of the most friendliest environments I’ve ever encountered in a dentist office. From the time we walk in everyone make us feel welcome and that’s a major plus. I’ve told my family about our experience and they all envy our wonderful dentist!? I told them I’m sure you would be happy to take more new patients. Again thank you for being a great doctor and I know all of your patients feel the same as we do. It’s just good to know that there are still physicians around that genuinely care for the patient and render service with a smile. Thank you!” — Elaine H, CPCS

    “I’ve been a patient of the practice for about 8 years, 4 or 5 since new ownership, but still willing to drive 15-20 minutes out of my way because I really like the service, from dentists to hygienists to staff. Thank you.” — Gracie G. 

  • Going to the dentist is a breeze and a pleasure at HP Dental! The staff is so friendly. – Sharon Lyle   8/21/17

    “Dr. Jones and the team at Highland Park Dental are friendly, thorough, and efficient. My children (2 and 5 years old) actually enjoy their visits to the dentist. From the playrooms, to the tv in the exam rooms, to the treasure box of toys at the end of the visit, HPD has everything to make kids feel comfortable and calm during their dental appointments.” – July 13 2017  Miles M.

    “I am always impressed with the friendly and very professional staff at Highland Park Dental. They make the experience a positive one which I recommend as often as possible.” – Deborah  B. July 20 2017

    “The experience we had at Highland Park Dental was awesome! We are extremely pleased with the care that our grandchildren received.” – Rayden M.  July 20 2017

    Great service, very pleasant atmosphere  – Thomas L (May 30 2017) 

    Dr Jones and his staff were outstanding. My appointment started on time, finished in an appropriate amount of time and handled in a professional atmosphere. Effective, efficient and encouraging seem to be their goal. I recommend their services for their personal and sincere concern for the patient. –Charles C   (June 5 2017)

    Dr. Jones was amazing with my son – really listening and communicating with him on a level he related to. It was the best dental appointment he has ever had and I think he got through to him as to why his dental hygiene is so important. – (June 2 2017)   Parent of Patient  

    From the moment I walked into the office, I was impressed! In the waiting area, there were beverages available for patients and I was immediately welcomed by the lovely,professional office manager. Being a new patient, I completed some paperwork and was surprised with some of the questions. What is your favorite Starbucks drink and list your favorite TV shows? Lol! Anyway, I expressed my dental concerns to the office manager and met with the dentist twice during my visit. I also had an amazing cleaning by the hygienist who had some wonderful tips. There were many pieces of art work throughout the offices and modern dental gadgets. Well, I could go on and on but it was more like going to a spa then the dentist. In conclusion, the staff and Dr Jones were amazing. But the icing on the cake was my wonderful gift bag and my hot chai latte to go!  – Susan A. (March 18 2017)
    I never could have imagined that taking my daughter to the dentist could be so pleasant and fun for both of us. They really go the extra mile to make sure children are comfortable and happy. We actually look forward to going to the dentist.  Charlotte B. (March 12 2017)

    “I love how kind and gentle the hygienists are with my girls. Everyone in the office goes above and beyond to make it a pleasant experience for them and I really appreciate it! We really do love HP Dental. Thank you!!! ” — Mia D. 

    “This was my first visit to this practice. I am a new patient and was referred by a colleague. The customer experience was top notch. The facility was excellent. Bringing in Starbucks at the end punctuated a fantastic experience. I am glad to be a new patient here.” — H. Williams. 

    “I cannot say enough good things, make that GREAT things, about Highland Park Dental. My entire family goes here, driving 30 minutes out of the way, because this practice is amazing. My small kids even love going to the dentist! There is absolutely nothing they should change, and, in fact, other dental and doctor practices should take note. This is the way to do it.” — J. Frazier 

    “Still looking under my pillow!…Like when I was a child ,the magic is still there! I marvel at the best service,staff,and skill of Dr.Jones. Every visit is a pleasure! I always leave knowing I have received proper treatment and care for my oral health. Highland Park Dental, has it all! The perfect blend, to have a fantastic dental appointment. Yes, times have changed. As a child I use to get money for my teeth. Now, I give money to keep them. I hope that made you smile ! But, if it didn’t, perhaps you should see Dr. Jones.” — K. Kuneman 

    “Thank you so much for having Shepard’s class to the office today!! Your office was definitely the highlight of the field trip. The kids had a blast!! You guys are amazing.Thanks again!” — Amy H 

    “Dental work was excellent and very professional.” — Patient 

    “Just wanted to say thanks for taking such great care of my broken tooth.The new gold one is shiny and fits perfectly.Really appreciate you getting me in there before Christmas to get the process started. You guys have a first-class operation.” — Dan L. 

    “The best experience ever. I’ve never liked going to the dentist, but our family actually enjoys visiting HP Dental! We love everything and everyone there. Plus, they were beyond patient with my scared little girl. When we got home she actually said she had fun. Highest praise for the entire office.” — Jennifer F 

    “I love highland park dental! The staff is friendly, and I love that I can watch tv while I’m getting my teeth cleaned. Makes the experience much more pleasant. Plus the concierge service is amazing! Thanks!” — Claudia D 

    “Relaxing . . .I love the TV and coffee at Highland Park Dental. The TV distracts you from what they are doing, but I only got a cleaning. It goes by so fast and at the end you get a Starbucks coffee. Very nice.” — Amy. M 

    “Feeling pretty good about getting through a crown without crying! All credit to Dr. Jones and the staff for making the process easy and comfortable from the get-go.” — Patient 

    “First Visit . . . I cannot express how friendly the staff was here. I never once felt like I was being pressured into services that were or were not needed. I would recommend Highland Park Dental to all my friends and family.” — Patient 

    “I was not excited about going to the dentist and was nervous but had such a great experience at HPD. Really appreciate Dr. Jones taking time to talk to me and listen to my goals. Surprisingly, I can’t wait to come back.” — Mike White 

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