General, Pediatric, and Cosmetic Dentistry
General, Pediatric, and Cosmetic Dentistry

Cutting-edge Laser Dentistry in Dallas, Texas

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“Dr. Jones and his staff are always professional and kind. They always are attentive to me whether it is for something routine or more involved. Dr. Jones has a calming personality and explains the procedure needed. I feel very lucky to be his patient.” – Susan Brocaw

Laser technology allows dentists to perform many routine dental treatments more quickly and with less pain. This minimally invasive apparatus is extremely quiet and we have to use the drill far less often resulting in less vibrations and high-pitched sounds.



  • Virtually pain-free treatment eliminates the need for anesthesia or shots
  • Powerful light beams reduce or eliminate the need to use other tools, such as drills
  • More precise treatments that target only the damaged bone, tissue, or teeth and leave the healthy parts untouched
  • Faster healing time and can help rejuvenate healthy tissue
  • High-powered light beams work to sterilize the treated areas, reducing the risk of developing an infection after treatment
  • Minimal bleeding during treatments

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